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Who is ENRICH in Africa for?

ENRICH in Africa is a network that provides a meeting place for innovation stakeholders across Europe and Africa. From investors, policy makers, incubators and accelerators to the innovators themselves. We believe that by bringing together the different aspects of the ecosystem, we can generate more knowledge, collaboration and impact.

Accelerators & Incubators

We support incubators and accelerators to access services and activities that help to connect them within the innovation ecosystems locally and internationally

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

The main drivers of innovation in Africa and Europe. Through its Champions, ENRICH in Africa supports them with a wide range of support services and marketplace offerings.

Innovation Facilitators

ENRICH in Africa involves key stakeholders facilitating innovation and representing the full triple-helix of business, academia, and governance in its activities. A strong, holistic EU-Africa innovation ecosystem ensures that the work done with incubators is sustainable and integrated into the wider economic landscape.

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ENRICH in Africa Community

Our ENRICH in Africa community is a mulit-faceted space for the meeting of like minded innovation actors, supporting them to connect to peers, partners and investors. The community offers a unique set of labels which enable entrepreneurs to de-risk their investment activities by aligning to quality marketplace offerings. The labels also help our Champions to demonstrate their status as a receiver of EiA training and providing quality services to their cohorts


More about the ENRICH in Africa Project

The ENRICH in Africa Centre is an outcome of the ENRICH in Africa project, an EU funded Horizon 2020 project designed to build a supportive network of incubation and acceleration actors from across Europe and Africa for the purpose of strengthening the internationalisation and collaboration of innovation.

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