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Bringing European and African innovation stakeholders together.

Who is ENRICH in Africa for?

Accelerators & Incubators

Incubators and accelerators provide an essential service to the innovation ecosystems of Europe and Africa, but they also need support. ENRICH in Africa is there to provide support through our activities and services, including this platform.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

The main drivers of innovation in Africa and Europe. Through its Champions, ENRICH in Africa supports them with a wide range of support services and marketplace offerings.

Innovation Facilitators

ENRICH in Africa involves key stakeholders facilitating innovation and representing the full triple-helix of business, academia, and governance in its activities. A strong, holistic EU-Africa innovation ecosystem ensures that the work done with incubators is sustainable and integrated into the wider economic landscape.


“We are thrilled to be a founding partner in the ENRICH in Africa project which will empower African and European startups to scale by leveraging the collective networks of some of the most impactful stakeholders in the ecosystem. We are a proudly pan-African Accelerator with global brand-backing and we welcome the opportunity to boost disruptive founders through Corporate Startup Collaboration with innovative partners.“

Philip Kiracofe, CEO of Startupbootcamp Afritech – EiA Champion and Consortium Partner

Meet the Team

The ENRICH in Africa Centre is an outcome of the ENRICH in Africa Project, which is led by a team of amazing innovation, incubation and acceleration partners from across Europe and Africa. This is a network by the users, for the users.

Enrich in Africa

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More about the ENRICH in Africa project

The ENRICH in Africa Centre is an innovation outcome of the ENRICH in Africa project: an EU funded project seeking to pilot and release support tools for the innovation communities of Europe and Africa.

Africa EU-Collaboration

Africa and EU collaboration is an essential aspect of innovation support. The African Union and European Union have come together through a High-level Policy Dialogue group to work towards strengthening these relationships and securing impactful outcomes. ENRICH in Africa is supporting this group with their innovation agenda.

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